This is a real pleasure writing you this info, because I’m going to show you how to STOP FORECLOSURE, how to possibly even get your home back with NO payments to the bank ever again . . .  and maybe even get REPAID your Mortgage payments that you’ve been making to them ( IF you’ve made any ).  
Yes, I know, it sounds too good to be true. 
But it IS true, and if you will keep reading for just a moment, I will PROVE to you that it is true; at least for the majority of home owners who are currently IN foreclosure, or have already been foreclosed on ( because you can get your home BACK if it was ). 
HOW can this be TRUE?
Simple.  The bank committed FRAUD when they foreclosed on you, or even if they are TRYING to foreclose on you.
Yep.  Fraud. 
You’ve been conned, my friend. 
I’ll cut to the chase here, for just a minute, and possibly save you a lot of reading.
This ONLY applies to homeowners who got a mortgage from their bank, and then their bank bundled their note up with a bunch of other notes, and sold it to Wall Street.
Now don’t quote me on this, because it’s been a while since I did my own research, but I think the number is something like 95 – 98% of ALL loans were sold.
And if YOURS was sold, then this is for YOU!
Ok, now that that’s been said, let’s talk a minute about the bank FRAUD.
You see, a mortgage note is an IOU of sorts.  It means that you owe the bank money that they loaned you on your home.  You know that already, right?
But did you know that as soon as the bank got your note, they SOLD it as a SECURITY to Wall Street?  As a SECURITY.  Remember that word.
So, what does that mean? 
It means that your note is no longer a note.  It is now a stock; a security.  And this security is governed by the SEC, which is the Securities Exchange Commission, and these boys are FEDERAL!  And according to THEIR RULES, if the bank is trying to collect on a note that has been sold as a security, that’s ILLEGAL.  They call it “double dipping”, and it is SECURITIES FRAUD
Why? Because a note can NOT be a note and a Security at the same time.  It is EITHER a note OR a Security . . . but NEVER BOTH!
So, if your bank sold your note after you bought your home and got a loan from them, then they’ve ALREADY BEEN PAID for your note, and are now committing SECURITIES FRAUD by trying to collect from you while they PRETEND that it is still a note.
Make sense? 
Whether it makes sense to you or not, THAT’S THE LAW.
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Oh, I forgot to tell you, that SOME home owners are being REPAID by the bank for payments that they paid them on their home. 
It costs you nothing to go to the bottom of the ebook to see LOTS of people who have already successfully done this. 
This is POWERFUL!  It REALLY WORKS, and it can SAVE YOUR HOME ( not to mention you can get it back from the bank, and even maybe get your payments back!!! ).
Thanks for your attention.  Now GET YOUR NO COST EBOOK and start reading, because KNOWLEDGE IS POWER my friend. 
Enjoy, peace and prosperity! 
( an effort to help spread peace on an individual level )
Jim Sikes