Flip Wholesale Mentor

Hello, Jim Sikes here, and I want to MENTOR you, so that we can Joint Venture ( JV ) and FLIP properties together . . . and I have a couple of questions for you.

First, did you know that there simply has never been a better time, than right now, to be in the Real Estate Investing business?  Warren Buffet said he’s been waiting for this day for 10 years, and that he’d buy thousands of houses now, as an investment.  And Wall Street Funds are doing just that, by the billions; through billion dollar Equity Funds!

I’m dealing with one Equity Fund right now that bought over 6,500 houses last year.  When we JV together I’ll show you how to find and hook up with these Mega Buyers.  I know of one guy who sold 47 houses to just one of these Equity Funds, in a single month!  Forty Seven !!!

Did you know that some of the old Aristocrats in Europe have been living off the very same passive income for 25 generations, that was created in the 16th century?


So, my very first overall goal as your Wholesale Mentor is to not only TRAIN you on how to FLIP Wholesale properties, but to be able to show you how to . . . 

*  Make as much money as possible ~
*  As fast as possible ~
*  All while taking on as little risk as possible.

Then, if this is what you choose to do, I want to show you how to transition into the right ca$h flowing assets so that you can build wealth and retire peacefully. 

So, I want to focus on helping you to build all the business and marketing systems that you are going to need in order to run a successful QUICK TURN BUSINESS, then I want to show you how to REINVEST part or all of your profits into PASSIVE investments, so that you too can start building your very own Generational Wealth

Not only that, but I want to show you how you can do this all while living through what I’m predicting will be the Greatest World Wide Depression you will ever see in your lifetime.

It’s true. Never in the history of the world, has Real Estate been as HOT as it is right now!  In fact, I’m personally investing in 3 different states, and looking to be doing LOTS more deals in many other areas, by partnering with my students and other Investors.

You see, I’m hell bent on flipping as many houses as I can during this boom and I intend to do a record number of deals before the opportunity that exists right now, goes away, because it will go away.  The greatest Mentor I ever had was flipping 300-400 houses every month, when I met him ( I kid you not, and I really think he hit the 500 during the boom in Real Estate, when it got so really crazy . . .  so I know how it’s done, and I’ve also got the software that he used to get it done.   I flipped Real Estate for him, out of his multimillion dollar ROTH IRA; all tax free money.

The house I flipped was in Charlotte, North Carolina, and I did it from my desk in upstate New York, just 17 miles from the Canadian border.  We were living on almost 14 acres, with a 4 acre man made pond, in the shape of New York state, in a 3 story 1800’s farm house, complete with barns and out buildings and on the far side of the pond, were the Christmas trees that my friend and her dad had planted decades ago, when she was a little girl.  We had to leave because the poisons from the GMO corn and soybeans fields surrounding us, almost killed us.  So, we moved to the Asheville, North Carolina area, which is Heaven on Earth!  lol  They call it “heaven” because it is.  Anyway, I like flipping properties, and I really enjoy doing it remotely.  It might be Wholesale, it might be Rent to Own, I’ll do Subject to, and am rapidly moving into flipping wholesale Land.

That brings me to my 2nd question. I’m looking for a few key people who would like the exclusive opportunity to work with my team and me…is that you?

We’ll teach you the wholesale business, the way we do it, from A to Z.  We’ll walk you through the process, as we do deals together. We’ll even provide all the funding for the deals, if any is needed, up to a million bucks.  Imagine, having access to a million dollars in cold hard cash, without having to have a job, any income, any credit or even having to have a credit check; and we can show you how.

Then, we’ll split the profits 50/50!

Imagine how much faster and easier you will do your first flip, with me and my team ‘holding your hand’ . . . or how many more Real Estate deals you could do, if you were to partner with my team and me.

If you think that you’d be a good fit, then please reply email me back and tell me exactly why you should be chosen to partner with my team and me.

We only want to work with a few of the most motivated, most driven by a fire in their belly, people who want to provide leads, do deals and flip Real Estate properties.  I call it “PFA” . . . plucked from the air.  Money from just a few days work.  Thousands, even.  Lol

If you are 100% totally a complete Newbie, that’s fine, as we can train you, and we’d love to train you, because that means you will do what we show you to do.  And if you do what we show you to do, we’ll both make money, as we can split all profits 50/50. Newbies will need to be willing to make a small investment, in themselves and their business.

If you are a Newbie, and do NOT already know HOW to flip properties, and you DO NOT already know HOW to find deals or provide leads, then I’m willing and able to teach you everything you need to know in order to find, fund, flip and close on Wholesale deals.  I’ll show you how to provide leads all day long, how to qualify them, how to go to contract, how to evaluate them ( yes, I evaluate them AFTER I go on contract ~ that way I don’t waste any time on non productive deals ), how to find interested buyers, and how to close on them and get paid quickly.  I can also show you how to have all the money available that you could ever want, to flip properties with, up to a million dollars, without a job, income, credit or cash, as the funding is based on the property, and not the investor.

I’ve put together something REALLY SPECIAL for you.  I’ve partnered up with one of the most powerful Mentors I’ve ever had, Preston Ely.  He pocketed over $500,000 in his first year in flipping Wholesale Real Estate ( I’ll teach you his trick, AND provide the niche training needed to work it ), and today is positioned to pull in over $11,000,000 ( that’s $11 million dollars ) next year alone.  He and I have pooled our resources, and come up with THE VERY BEST JV MENTORSHIP PROGRAM on the Internet, today, bar none!  Period!

If you are a Newbie ( which is GREAT, as I love working with Newbies ),  there has to be some sort of ”qualification” for me to work with you, otherwise EVERYBODY who wants to learn how to flip Real Estate would be emailing me, wanting to get started.  That won’t work for me.  I want just a select few people to work with.  Too many people make this too complicated, so I need some method to pick out just the very best people to work with, and I’m going to use a system called “Fear of loss” to qualify you; to see how motivated you really are.  Because if you want it badly enough, you can make it happen.

When I first got started in Real Estate in the 1970s, I had no training in how to flip a property, and had never drawn up a contract, but rather used “My word is my bond.” kind of deal making.  So, what I’d do is to find a property that I liked ( I looked for abandoned properties, mostly in the woods, next to a lake or pond ), locate the owner, and negotiate a deal where I could live in the property and fix it up, later on to buy it or to simply leave it behind in better shape than when I found it.  This method not only served me well in Florida, where I was living at the time, but later on in Hawaii, as well, as it allowed me to control over $2,500,000 worth of Prime Hawaiian Real Estate with not a dime out of my pocket . . . well, that’s not entirely true, as it cost me $25 a month.  If interested, you can read about this at www.SikesandSons.com/aboutme.  In the 1980s I became a Landlord, and rented rooms out in the big old home that I was living in.  I did this until 2004, when I went full time into the Real Estate Investment business, and began learning HOW to flip properties.  I was so intimidated by a contract, that I had to learn HOW to draw them up, negotiate them and then to get them signed.  This, combined with other things, scared me so much, that I paid $5,000 for one of my early mentors to ‘hold my hand’ through my first flip deal.  After that pretty much all the fear was gone, and I started flipping Wholesale deals, as well as Rent to Own deals, all on my own.

What I’m offering here is a 100 times more than what my early mentor did for me, as he was only there for mental support, direction and encouragement.  He did not teach me anything, and was based upon the assumption that I already knew HOW to flip properties, but was just too scared to do it all along, by myself.  I not only provide that level of support and comfort, but I’ll teach you every step of the way.  You’ll have full details on exactly what to do and when to do it, and then you’ll do the work ( thus providing you with the experience you are now seeking ).  With this method of learning, you’ll EARN WHILE YOU LEARN.

So, here’s my deal for you.  Look, I could say that what you’ll learn is worth $50,000 but that is potentially a lie.  Why a lie?  Because you could make that much on just one good deal, with a few days work.  So, I feel that charging $5,000 is easily worth what you will be learning.  I mean, you’ll be able to earn anywhere from $3,000 up to about $15,000 up front, on every deal.  On the smaller $3,000 Rent to Own deals they will also normally come with it a passive, monthly ca$h flow, on top of the up front ca$h.

But I won’t charge you $5,000, like what I paid.  I was charging $2,000 recently for my services, but I’m going to even reduce that to my OLD PRICE of only $997!  If you need to arrange to make monthly payments on the $997, let me know, and Jan will be happy to work with you on that.  For this $997 you will get the COMPLETE TRAINING, from A to Z, on how to flip wholesale houses.  And like I said, I like to do it remotely, so I can work any market anywhere, from home.

I’ll go even further than that . . . if you will put just $500 DOWN, I will go ahead and train you on HOW to find Leads, so that we can possibly have a deal ready to close by the time the balance of $497 comes due, in one month, unless you arrange financing with Jan @ Jan4Funding@aol.com.     

Why do I need to charge money before I’m willing to train you?  It’s called “Fear of Loss”, as mentioned before.  If I work with you for nothing, then I’ll be flooded with people who want me to train them for nothing.  And on the surface, that seems like an ok deal, because if I train you, we’ll both make money.  But I only want to work with a few key people.  I like to keep it special.

There will be things that will frighten you ( as things always do, when we’ve not done them before ), and if you have no “Fear of Loss”, it’s just so easy to quit.  And if you quit, that means that I’ve wasted all that time training you, and MY TIME is much more important to me, than mere money.  Money I can make all day long . . . time, I can’t make even one second.  Like Henry Ford said, once time is lost it can never be recovered.  The $500 down will cause you to have a “Fear of Loss”, and will not allow you to quit.

To get started simply reply to this email and let me know what you want to do.

Oh, and if you want to see all the SPECIAL STUFF Preston and I put together just for you, click here.

But first, I want to get down to the nitty gritty with you.  You’ve read this far, and that says TONS about you.  Do you know that most people don’t even open the package when they spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars for Real Estate Training?  But, here you are, at the end.

Speaking of end . . . lol

Things are changing, and they are going to change even faster, as time passes . . . at least for a while.  Did you know that in the training of the elite, the # 1 rule is “Who do you listen to.”

Number 1 !!!


Because it’s just that important.  When I studied the Commodities Markets, and got what I call my $30,000 education, I learned WHO to listen to.  I actually found someone who could foretell the future.  It’s based on the Sacred Spiral, the Golden Mean, Psi, Fibonacci numbers . . . all that stuff we find in Nature. 

Here’s a money story for you.

This guy that I learned to listen to while in the Commodities Market, likes to go public and blow people’s minds.  Way back when the Dow had never been over 700, he went public and said that the Dow was going to go over 1,000.  Well, Wall Street called him “a fool and an idiot.”  Then, after it went over 1,000, he went public again, saying the Dow was going to go over 4,000.  Again, Wall Street called him “a fool and an idiot.”  By the time the Dow had hit 10,000, Wall Street was calling this man “The Guru of Wall Street.”  True story!  Cool, huh!  To be able to predict the future, like that.

Anyway, he’s gone public again, and once again, Wall Street is calling him “a fool and an idiot.”  He told me this about 10 years ago.  He said, ‘What’s coming cannot be stopped.  The Dow is going to collapse in 3 phases.  Phase I will take us down into the 6,000s ( this has already occurred ).  Phase II will take us down into the 4,000s, or possibly lower. That’s what we’re waiting for to happen, any time now.  We’re predicting a powerful, fast move down.  It’s called the 3rd wave in a 5 wave series, in Elliott Wave; and it’s the most powerful of all 5 of the waves.  Now this is GREAT news IF you know how to buy a Put Option, because more money can be made much faster in a crashing market, than in a rising market.  Like the old saying goes, ‘the bull goes up the stirs, while the bear goes out the window.’  Meaning it’s fast!  More millionaires where made during the Great Depression than at any other time in history.  This may be changing today, with the Internet.

Powerful stuff, my friend.  Powerful times we live in.  There’s more money around now, than at any other time in the history of the earth.  Did you know that more money was just given away, by the government, than physically exists on the planet?  So much of it is digital, these days.

“May you live in interesting times.”  . . . an ancient Chines curse

So, anyway, I’d like to show you how to “pluck $ from the air” $1,000, $3,000 or even $5,000 or more.  My first deal I took home $3,000.  It was so funny, as the East Indian Investor literally slipped me the check under the table, at the Closing.  I almost keeled over, but of course, I was too scared and nervous to do anything like that.  lol  : )

Let’s make some money together.

Enough talk for now.

If you’d like to continue this conversation, I look forward to talking with you soon.

Be well and prosper.

Oh, and remember to see all the SPECIAL STUFF Preston and I put together just for you, click here.

To arrange financing, email Jan4Funding@aol.com.

P.S. CA$H Flow ~ Did you know that some of the old German Aristocrats today are still living off of the same cash flow that was created 25 generations ago, in the 16th Century?  If you’d like to learn how to created a passive, monthly cash flow that can last a lifetime, and be passed on to your future generations, click here.

Enjoy, www.wopg.org peace and prosperity!
“The time has come that every citizen of planet earth
needs to take responsibility for the benefit of all mankind.” Prem Rawat

Jim Sikes and Jan Brown
Georgia Home Management, LLC
Email: WholesalingSEFL@gmail.com