All Fruits and Vegetables are Not Created Equal

 When you eat your fruits and vegetables, you want the best, most nutritious, the most power packed fruits and vegetables you can get.  Do we agree on this?  

Because of the lack of good minerals in the earth that foods are grown in, all fruits and vegetables are much less nutritious than they were just a few decades ago. 

The alarming fact is that foods – all fruits and vegetables and grains – now being raised on millions of acres of land that no longer contains enough of certain needed nutrients, are starving us – no matter how much we eat of them. 
U S Senate Document 264 1936
Are fruits and vegetables REALLY as powerful a healer and health builder as is claimed by so many?
As an example of just how POWERFUL they really are, I’ll give you just one example of the value of eating fresh fruits and vegetables in your life.

This is the Framingham Study .  It was the largest, most detailed study on heart disease ever done.  This is what they found: 

Framingham Study  1,000 patients for over 20 years under the direction of the National Heart Institute and Boston University.  It was the  most sophisticated epidemiological study  ever done.
They found that if the patient had:
3 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables daily they had 22% fewer strokes.
6 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables daily they had 44% fewer strokes.
9 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables daily they had 66% fewer strokes.
Here are some of the things to consider when choosing fruits and vegetables. 
Fresh raw food is full of what I call “Life Force”; these are enzymes.  Nothing happens in a person’s body without enzymes.  Raw food is full of enzymes, and the more you put  them into your body, the better you’ll feel.
Sun ripened fruits and vegetables are best, because the nutrition stays in the roots until a it ripens, and there’s no better place to ripen a food than in the good ol’ sunshine.  It’s worked for millions of years, and it still works today.  Most of the foods found in the local grocery store are ripened on the store’s shelf, or in the truck or ship that delivered it to the store. 

Nutrient dense foods are best.  Such as kale is a nutrient dense food, where as celery is not.  That does not mean celery is not a good food, it is, it’s just not packed full of nutrition.
Chemical and pesticide free is just plain ol’ common sense.  Why eat poisons in your food.  Now “organic” foods are more expensive; so it’s a trade off, unless you grow your own. 

Note:  if you’d like to get chemical and pesticide free nutrition, very inexpensively, sprouts are second to none.  Simply get the seeds, sprout them and eat.  The nutrition in a sprout is many times more than that in the fully grown food. 
Get the benefits of eating 17 fresh, sun ripened, nutrient dense, certified chemical and pesticide free fruits and vegetables.

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